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Altar Boyz

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Altar Boyz Fanfic [14 Jan 2007|07:09pm]

I asked the mod if the would be appropriate to post this here, and she gave me the green light. I couldn't find any LJ comms or sites with AB fanfic, so if anyone knows of any, feel free to point me in that direction. :-)

Title: Lead Me Straight To That Temptation, Yo
Author: Emma Grant
Fandom: Altar Boyz
Pairing: Matthew/Mark
Summary: Mark rationalizes the weird relationship he has with Matthew, just as Matthew decides to take it to another level.
Rating: ADULT for explicit descriptions of m/m sex. This is SLASH, so don't follow the link if you're offended by that sort of thing.

Link: Posted on my LJ
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altarholics!! come join [18 Feb 2006|09:55pm]

Hey altarholics!

Come join the community just for us, through this link! If you do (or havent' already) please give them my username (same as LJ). It will earn my communion waffers! Plus it's a fun site for the fans, yay!! by the same people who do the Altar Boyz site!

highflyinsm would like to invite you to become a member of Altarholics!

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help please [10 Jan 2006|09:42pm]

hey everyone - i'm not sure if this is allowed or not - but i am in trouble

well, of sorts.

i have a performance coming up, and i need the sheet music to epiphany from altar boys and im not that smart from spelling bee - i know that these are out there, because i had them in my hands at one time, but someone took them from me - and now i'm up shit's creek because i can't get ahold of the place i got them the first time.

so if anyone would be so kind to point me in the direction of where i could get them. i'd be happy to pay for them (nothing rediculous)

thanks, for reading this - even if you dont know how to help.

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ABz icons [11 Dec 2005|10:00pm]

Wow, it's been a while since I've seen a post from here!

I have a few Altar Boyz icons at my icon journal, achingtobegin. Check them out, and join!

Over this way..
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OMG! Bless his little soul! [07 Dec 2005|08:44pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I just recieved this email:
"On Monday, January 9th, 2005, ALTAR BOYZ proudly welcomes back TYLER
MAYNARD to the role of Mark! Here’s your chance to see to Tyler in
the role that garnered him Drama Desk and Lucille Lortel Nominations
for Best Featured Actor in a Musical! "

How exciting is that! I'm totally going!

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Tyler Maynard drawing. [11 Oct 2005|06:23pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I've never posted here before, but this is as good an opportunity as any...

I am an Altarholic who saw the show on September 24th, but has been listening to the cd compulsively for long before then.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the diva of the decade Tyler Maynard be ultra-fab as Mark. I did see Danny Calvert, who is the most adorable little thing ever and you just want to take him home with you and put him on your shelf and brush his hair and marvel at his adorableness. But I digress.

I am still a great Tyler fan. As well as a theatre geek in all forms of the word. So, when my A.P. Art teacher assigned us 10 portrait drawings for the 1st marking period, I went with a theme of Broadway (or off-Broadway) stars.

Guess who was #4?? TY-TY!!  His smile is just so infectious I couldn't help myself.

(A very bad scan of) the drawing is under the cut: Tyler drawing.Collapse )

I really wanted to send him a copy with a fan letter (and a request for an autographed photo).  But I didn't know the best way to get it to him.  So I sent it to Tyler Maynard c/o the Vineyard Theatre (where he's currently in Miracle Brothers).  I hope he likes it.

Do you think he'll get it?  Or will it get mixed up in all the other junk mail the Vineyard receives?  And more importantly, do you think he'll write back???  Because that's the only way I'll know he received it.

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[10 Sep 2005|01:20am]

Hey guys! If anyone is interested, there is now a community for Slut! Join! It's gonna be good times.


cross-posted to broadway
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[25 Aug 2005|09:12pm]

I saw Altar Boyz for the first time on August 7th, not knowing that I would be witnessing my new favorite show. Obviously, I adored it. And I've never laughed that hard at a show. I'm currently trying to find a way to get down to NYC to see David's last! When I went I saw Kevin as Luke and Carlos as Juan.

I have an icon journal, achingtobegin, with 10 new Altar Boyz icons at it! Check it out, and join!


Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Hiiii. [08 Aug 2005|11:35am]

[ mood | bored ]

Hi! I'm new here, but I've been a fan for a few months. Nothing interesting about me except I'm going this weekend- twice. I'm going to try and get tickets to the show for Friday night, and observe backstage on Sunday afternoon. :D

Anyway, nothing else, really. Glad to be here. :]

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[22 Jul 2005|08:25pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

So I was bored and decided to make a set of Altar Boyz icons.Collapse )

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hi [15 Jul 2005|03:27am]

i went to Bryant Park yesterday and of course our boyz were performing! i have pics and video clips from all the shows that performed yesterday on my journal. feel free to check it out. you'll definitely enjoy them! <3
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you got crunk [22 Jun 2005|03:05pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

heyy everybody im newww... i saw the show about 2 months ago, and fell absolutly in love with it... i was EXTREMELY excited when i found my seat D2, 4th row on the end right near the stairs to the stage :)... so yea, now it comes time for 'something about you'.. i was prayying that scott was gonna pick me.. so he walks down the stairs and stops right at my seat, i thought he was gonna pick the girl behind me.. but no, he puts his hand out to me and pulled me on stage... it was quite possibly the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.. ahh having those hott guys sing to you omgg it was AMAZINGG!.. i need to see it again!

**oh and they're performing in bryant park on JULY 14th (along with phantom, hairspray and beauty and the beast!)

yay :)


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Newbie here! [18 Jun 2005|11:46pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hi everyone!
I'm new here as you can see, and I must say that I'm glad to see this community. Anyway, I've seen the show twice so far, going to see it again either this or next week, and I saw them at Virgin. I even have the trading cards of them, signed respectively. I just read the previous post; I had no idea. It's a shame he's leaving.

Take care, all.

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Publicity stunt.. [16 May 2005|12:21pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hey, is anyone doin that publicity stunt thing for the Altar Boyz tomorrow (Tues. 17th)? I am with my friend and we got free tix to the Altar Boyz show!!! We get to chase down their limo and I cannot wait..haha me and my friend are going to make all this crazy groupie stuff like shirts and posters..I cannot wait cuz I worship them...whoooo!! So I was j/w if anyone else was doin it..

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AB Love [28 Apr 2005|10:06pm]

Hey gang! Go see PALINROMES when it comes to your theatre! Tyler Maynard (our beloved "Mark") is Jiminy in the film! More tomorrow, nighty!
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There IS Rhythm In Me! [25 Apr 2005|12:34am]

What an incredible workshop. The dancing was amazing, and all 5 boyz were there with us! "Abe" brought his 7-week-old son, such a cutie!! But oh man, what a fun, fun day that was.
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[20 Apr 2005|10:10pm]

Hey, I'm sure everyone already knows this, but Altar Boyz is going to be touring this fall!! They are starting in Detoriot (woo hoo) and it was posted on the website on April 18. I just thought I would share the happy news with everyone. :)
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Yay for Altar Boyz!! [17 Apr 2005|12:38am]

[ mood | creative ]

I cannot tell you all how happy I am to find this community! I just saw the show last night and I looved it..and another plus-I saw Jai Rodriguez there from Queer Eye For the Straight Guy! He was in the audience and when we were leaving he was right in front of us..it rocked.

Anyway I just wanted to say I am completely obsessed with this show..I started to be even before I saw it actually..I CANNOT wait till the soundtrack comes out! They are soo talented..and I like that they are tasteful with the whole religious aspect-cuz I am a Catholic. I am currently listening on loop the sound clips of all the songs in the show from the website haha. Well I'll be posting here a lot I'm sure! I love Altar Boyz!

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release date! [14 Apr 2005|10:41am]

hey all...

i'm sure all of you already know this since it's been on the AB forum for a while... but the release date for the altar boyz cast recording is set for may 17.

i love the new layout of the official website and i love hearing the clips from the song, it makes me so excited for the recording to come out!

anyways... keep spreading the altar boyz love!

p.s. anyone have a good icon we can use for this community?
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[14 Apr 2005|12:31am]

Hey guys.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to see an Altar Boyz community. My uncle is one of the co-writers of the musical and therefore I have a major interest in how this show does and where it's going and whatnot. I am so happy to see that there are already people out there who love the show as much as my family and I do. Please spred the word!!! I know this will mean the world to Gary to know that there is a fan base.

Oh the excitement! Please keep the postive comments coming.
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